1874 Sharps Rifle .45/70

This Sharps rifle model comes originally from the transformation of a cavalry model; retaining the patchbox from the cavalry model. The European walnut stock and forend are checkered with an oil finish and feature a German silver cap. Pedersoli products feature high-quality wood-to-metal fit and finish. The manufacturer strives to recreate products that have authentic features and superior quality. Davide Pedersolis products are famous all over the world for quality, working reliability, and ballistic precision.

The Sharps model features: • Hand oil-finished walnut stock • Receiver, breechblock, and trigger plate all machined from a solid piece of steel • Lock plate and trigger guard contoured to the stock • Tumbler fly, so the trigger can be sensitized to release softly • One-piece tang, pre-drilled with 2-1/4” center-to-center holes for Creedmore Sight placement • Hardened and polished screws and blue barrel • Octagonal barrel flared at receiver • Front sight dovetailed 3/8” and adjustable for windage • All models have 1 in 18” twist with six grooves

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