Beretta Model 21A-22LR Pistol W/ Original Box

Another Deal for you is a Beretta Mod 21022LR pistol!

User-friendly design is common to all Beretta small frames. The exclusive tip-up barrel allows the user to easily load a round directly into the chamber. It also assists in the safe clearing of the pistol by allowing a live round to be easily removed from the chamber and the bore quickly checked. Jamming and stovepiping problems are virtually eliminated by the open slide design shared by all small frame Berettas.

To protect against the thumb web being pinched by the slide, the top of the grip area is curved to snugly accommodate the shooter’s hand. This feature also improves pistol control.

Beretta pistols in the 21 Series utilize the toughest of forgings for their barrels, while slides are fashioned from solid steel bar stock. Frames are machined from solid aluminum forgings. It features a lightweight, alloy frame, blued steel slide, tip-up barrel, and double/single action.

-Matte Finish/Plastic Grips
-Overall Length: 4.9″
-Overall Height: 3.7″
-Overall Width: 1.1″
-Barrel Length: 2.4″
-Sight Radius: 3.5″
-Weight Unloaded: 11.8 oz.
-Magazine Capacity: 7 rounds

This oldie but goodie can be yours for $249.95!