Cimarron Leech & Rigdon Black Powder Revolver

With the popularity of Colt’s 1851 Navy model revolver with southern forces, the Confederate government sought to have copies made to supply their troops. One of the best known of Dixie’s arms makers during the War Between the States was the Columbus, Mississippi firm of Thomas Leech and Charles Rigdon. With a contract to supply 1,500 .36 caliber revolvers, they began production, but with less than 200 sixguns completed in late 1862, the fortunes of war forced them to relocate to Selma, Alabama then again to Greensboro, Georgia, in early 1863. By December of that year Leech & Rigdon dissolved their contract with only about 1,000 revolvers produced, making the few existing originals a much sought-after Confederate collectible.

For today’s Rebel shooters, Cimarron produces a faithful replica of this Johnny Reb sixgun, from its blued cylinder, trigger, and part round/part octagon 7 1/2-inch barrel, to its color case hardened frame, hammer, and loading lever. It even features the southern-style brass trigger guard and back strap, along with the brass bead front sight and notched hammer rear sight, so popular with sidearms of the era.

This black powder revolver can be yours for $399.95!