Special Edition Engraved Colt Python .357

Davidson’s has partnered with Automated Finishing and Colt’s Manufacturing to bring to the market this very special edition Colt Python revolver.

The re-introduction of the iconic Colt Python brought a singular focus to Davidson’s purchasing team – make a special edition only available through Davidson’s. Working in conjunction with Automated Finishing, Davidson’s was able to design an exquisite engraved version of the 6” barreled model of the new Python.

The engraving is armory-grade cut engraving and encompasses the barrel, full underlug, frame, and backstrap. The top of the rib is left matte stainless to cut glare while sighting.

Davidson’s special edition engraved Colt Python begins as a standard stainless 6” barreled Python chambered in .357 Magnum with walnut grip, red-ramp front sight, and adjustable rear sight.

This can be yours for $1999.95.

As always, this revolver goes home with our hassle-free, lifetime warranty!