Taurus Judge Public Defender Revolvers

Just got some more Judge revolvers in stock at High Caliber!

The Taurus Judge Public Defender Polymer is one of the most popular modern double action revolvers on the market today. With the capability to chamber either a .410 shot shell or a .45 Long Colt cartridge you have a solution for just about any self defense scenario. Additionally the Judge makes an incredible pest control firearm around the ranch or the farm. Just having the ability to utilize a .410 shot shell in a compact package that you can carry on your hip is a game changer for most people. The Taurus Judge Public Defender is a polymer framed lightweight version of the popular Judge PD revolver that always lays down the law! The Judge is one of Taurus’ best-selling handguns for a reason.

One of these can be yours for $449.95!

Of course, as always, it goes home with our hassle-free, lifetime warranty so, “If it doesn’t go bang, bring it back!”