Used Browning BAR Safari W/ Boss

Deal of the day is a used but still in great shape Browning BAR Safari W/ BOSS chambered in 7mm WSM!

The BAR MK II Safari is the hunting rifle that sets the bar for every other autoloader on the planet with accuracy and speed — and a caliber selection — that is not matched by any other hunting semi-auto.

The BOSS – Browning’s Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System (BOSS) is a patented advancement in rifle accuracy. When any rifle is fired, the barrel goes through a series of vibrations as the bullet leaves the muzzle. The variations of these vibrations greatly affect the accuracy of the rifle. Controlling these vibrations will greatly control the accuracy of the rifle. Browning’s BOSS allows you to control the vibrations of your barrel so you can shoot groups you didn’t think possible. Adjusting your BOSS to these “Sweet Spot” settings allows you to find accuracy never achieved before by an out-of-the-box rifle.

This BAR is topped with a Leupold VX II 3-9x40mm Scope and can be yours for $899.95!