Used Ruger P89 9mm

The Ruger P-series Pistols were designed for military, police, civilian, and recreational use. Rugged, reliable, and strong, P-series pistols are short recoil operated, locked breech semi-automatic pistols. They use a SIG P220 type locking system and an M1911-style tilting barrel. This double-action/single-action model has an ambidextrous manual safety/decocker located on the slide. All P89 Pistols are made with an investment-cast aluminum alloy frame. Nearly all internal parts, including the barrel, are stainless steel, while the slide and ejector are carbon steel. The 9 mm version uses a double-column box magazine with a 15-round capacity. The P-series pistols have an ambidextrous magazine release located behind the trigger guard.

This P89 can be yours for $329.95! As always, this goes home with our hassle-free, lifetime warranty!