Whitetail Deer Hunter Tribute Browning 12 Gauge

America’s hunting tradition existed even before there was an America. It began centuries ago, when the nation was an untamed wilderness that stretched from ocean to ocean. Early settlers brought their sons into the woods with muskets and powder. These days, fewer and fewer American pastimes can truly be considered rites of passage. But hunting is a time-honored tradition, a cherished pastime which has been handed down from generation to generation.

Throughout time these men have gathered in search of one prize, North America’s most sought after big game animal: the American Whitetail. The sprawling antlers and physical power of a mature buck make him an impressive combination of grace, strength and beauty. The whitetail has proved itself the ultimate test of strategy and skill for generations of hunters.

Today, America Remembers is proud to introduce a handsome new firearm that honors the traditions and heritage of the American sportsman: The Whitetail Deer Hunter Tribute Shotgun. For this milestone Tribute, we’ve selected the Browning Silver Hunter™ auto-loading 12-gauge shotgun. The Silver Hunter™ maintains Browning’s legendary reputation for quality-built firearms and is a trusted favorite among countless American hunters.

Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers have created a museum-quality masterpiece, featuring all artwork in stunning 24-karat gold and nickel with a blackened patinaed background to highlight the remarkable details. Every detail and decoration comes stunningly to life and captures the thrill of the hunt along with the legacy of the American hunter.

Only 300 Tributes will be issued in this strictly limited edition being offered exclusively through America Remembers.

The Whitetail Deer Hunter Tribute Shotgun truly captures the thrill and excitement of the hunt. Whether you are a lifelong deer hunter, a firearms enthusiast or simply an avid outdoorsman, this unique celebration of America’s hunting heritage is an heirloom that will endure for generations to come.

Contrasting the cool brushed nickel and the lustrous 24-karat gold of the receiver are the Tribute’s rich walnut stocks, which have been hand-polished to a stunning high gloss.

This particular one is number 98 of 300 and can be yours for $1099.95!