Winchester Model 61

An oldie but a GOODIE – Winchester Model 61 .22 caliber rifle!

The Winchester Model 61 was the fourth in a series of Slide-Action rifles that Winchester produced.    Unlike its predecessors, the Model 61 had no exposed hammer, an attempt by Winchester to compete with other rifles of the day (e.g., Remington).  The Model 61 was the hammerless replacement for 1890, 1906 and Model 62, especially when the former two models were dropped from production in 1932.  The Winchester Model 61 was produced from 1932 through 1963 with over 342,000 guns sold.

All Model 61 guns were of the take-down variety and fitted with a 24 inch round and tapered barrel.  The gun had a straight-grip walnut stock and a grooved slide handle.  The  gun was chambered  for short, long, and long-rifle interchangeably, continuing the standard set by the later 1906 Model, and this helped to assure the continued success of the Model 61.   These guns could also be ordered from the factory in a variety of configurations.  There was also a number of Model 61 that were chambered for single caliber .22 bullets, and these guns bring a premium.  The Model 61 is often considered the companion to the model 12 and Model 42 Winchester shotguns.

This Model 61 can be yours for $699.95!