Winchester Model 63 .22 Caliber Rifle

Attention Collectors! Winchester Model 63!

The Winchester Model 63 was an American .22 caliber self-loading rifle designed by T.C. Johnson in 1901 and manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1933 to 1958. The final iteration of the Johnson-pattern Winchester self-loading rifle, the Model 63 was the replacement for the Model 1903.

The Model 63 is a pretty basic gun by modern standards. It has a tube magazine, positioned such that the tube runs the length of the rear stock. You turn the rod end in the buttstock and pull it back, feed rounds in through a port in stock, and then push the rod back into the stock and lock it in place with a twist. It’s about as simple as can be. Easy to use, easy to maintain, nothing to get lost.

You charge the chamber by pushing back on another short rod at the front of the forestock, and the bolt can be locked back with a simple twist of that rod. There is a cross-bolt safety behind the trigger. It can be taken down by turning a knob at the back of the receiver until the stock comes loose. There is a simple low notch rear sight and an extended-post front.

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