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High Caliber Guns is your local gun store that proudly serves gun enthusiasts from Louisiana to Alabama. We are centrally located in Southern Mississippi and are the Gulf Coast’s premier firearms dealer. Our store is licensed to sell all major brands, such as Glock, SIG Sauer, Beretta, and more. As true experts in the field, we can offer trustworthy, fair assessments of each trade-in without delays.

We understand the importance of a reliable firearm, so we offer a full lifetime warranty plus a day guarantee on every high-caliber firearm we sell. Our knowledgeable staff delivers courteous, timely service for first-time buyers and true collectors alike. Need a special order? We’ll handle sourcing and transfers to qualified FFLs.

In addition to our top-notch selection of firearms, we also carry American-made tactical knives. So, if you’re in the market for high-caliber firearms or tactical knives, look no further than High Caliber Guns. We take great pride in being a Long Beach family that knows firearms and tactical knives inside and out.

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