As male enhancements go, nothing performs like our guns.
Stephen Hansen // Owner
Marksmanship is still the best way to settle any debate, or if you don't value accuracy, use Google.
Jeff Hansen // Owner
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High Caliber Guns provides a full lifetime warranty plus a day guarantee on every firearm we sell. If it doesn’t go BANG the first time, and every time, we handle all the warranty work. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a true collector, our knowledgeable staff always delivers courteous, timely service. And because our guys know so much about firearms, we can offer a trustworthy, fair assessment of each trade-in without needless delays.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for at High Caliber Guns, we can special order on request from select dealers and premier brands. We can source firearms for you, transfer them in, and out to any qualified FFL to make all your purchases quick and painless. For the same money as a new, inferior gun, High Caliber Guns promises to deliver a better performing, albeit slightly more experienced, firearm so you can TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT.

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