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Noreen ULR 2.0 50BMG Rifle

Deal of the Day is a Noreen ULR 2.0 chambered in .50BMG!

  • 1 MOA Accuracy
  • Precision Cerakote and Anodized Finish
  • CNC Crafted Billet Aluminum Chassis
  • Fully Adjustable Buttstock, Secured via Picatinny Rail
  • Upgraded Packaging for a Premium Unboxing/ Shipping Experience
  • Engineered ARCA and Picatinny attachment points

Simplicity Meets Exceptional Performance: Our single-shot bolt action rifle is engineered with simplicity in mind, featuring a single shot shell holder bolt for swift, fool proof, and effortless reloading, preserving the rifle’s user-friendly design. The ULR is purpose-built to achieve a singular goal: delivering large caliber rounds at distances beyond typical expectations. With the Noreen Design muzzle brake and Kickeez recoil pad, shooter stress is greatly reduced, making it an ideal choice for extended range sessions.

Unparalleled Trigger Precision: Equipped with Timney Sportsman Triggers, characterized by their lightweight alloy housing and hardened steel components, our rifles offer a lightweight, rugged, and durable shooting experience. Adjust the trigger pull weight from 2 to 4 lbs while fine-tuning Sear Engagement, Overtravel, and Pull Weight to suit your shooting preferences.

One of these ULR 2.0 50BMG rifles can be yours for $2699.95!


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