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Danny Hansen, Sr.

Everyone Thinks He Owns The Place
Resident retired guy and de facto leader of the Old-Timers High Caliber BS Club, “Paw-Paw” Hansen drops pearls of wisdom on the staff and customers alike; assuming there’s no lawn work on the day’s agenda. Danny Hansen, Sr. is the driving force behind the family’s full-blown firearms addiction and boasts an impressive personal collection.

Before retiring as a Farm Bureau insurance agent, Danny spent his entire adult life working for his clients’ best interests, providing impeccable customer service. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Long Beach Civil Service Commission and as a multi-term Board Commissioner of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau representing Harrison County. So if you have a question regarding the care and upkeep of firearms, the history of Long Beach, or anything to do with the promotion of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Danny Hansen, Sr. is the guy to talk to.
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