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Used Remington R51 9mm

Deal of the Day is a used but not abused Remington R51!

Introduced in 2014 the Remington R51 is a upgraded and modernized version of the Model 51 which ceased production in the 1930s. This sub-compact semi-automatic handgun is chambered in 9mm+P and employs a unique hesitation-locked action with a locking breechblock. It offers the lowest bore axis in its class which delivers unparallelled intuitive accuracy while reducing muzzle rise and improving recovery between shots. The R51 also features an aluminum frame and stainless steel slide as well as an optimized grip handle smooth light trigger pull and a slim profile that makes it ideal for concealed carry. It features a 3.4″ barrel with 7+1 capacity. The R51 comes with 2 magazines.

This R51 can be yours for $399.95.


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